I would love to take photos and provide memories for you and your loved ones! Shoots are always so much fun and provide opportunities for everyone to be creative (not just me!). I specialize in portrait photography and my style tends to be casual and non-posed. I work to find the best lighting and non-distracting backgrounds, so that your smile will be the focus of the photo.

You can expect me to ask you to fake a laugh (Fake it til you make it is real, I promise!), spin, jump, or anything else in between. The moments when people aren't trying too hard to "look good" are what I wait for, and usually turn out looking the best, too.

Head to the contact page for any general questions or to express interest in a photo shoot. You should receive a link to an informational form shortly after. Communication is via email until the shoot is confirmed.


Portrait Packages

*Note: Rates have changed as of January 2016. If your photoshoot pricing was discussed prior to this date, you will still receive the old rates.

Mini: 1 location, 1 outfit, maximum of 60 minutes (approx. 30 final photos). $75

Basic: 2 locations, up to 2 outfits, maximum of 90 minutes (approx. 50 final photos). $120

Deluxe: 3 locations, up to 3 outfits, maximum of 120 minutes (approx. 70 final photos). $165

Will your shoot involve more than one person?*

Mini: N/A

Basic: + $20 per person

Deluxe: + $30 per person

*i.e. couple, family, etc. who will pose in photos together.

Commercial Photography

Need a shoot of your business, home, crafts/clothing/food, or anything else in between? I would love to help! Rates depend on the specifics of the situation but will be by the hour and include any travel costs. I can help make your website, advertisements, Etsy store, or social media accounts stand out!

Additional Information and FAQ:

  • How long will it take to receive my photos?

Photo delivery should be expected within 2 weeks of photo shoot date. If you need your photos by a certain date, please plan ahead by at least two weeks, but sometimes I can make exceptions and do rush delivery if we communicate about it before booking.

  • How will I receive my photos?

Standard delivery method for photos is via Dropbox; I will send a link or email invitation to a folder containing all your images. The folder is actually on my Dropbox account, so you will need to move the photos to either your computer or a separate folder to make sure they are not deleted from the shared folder at a later date (I keep a back-up of all my photos on an external hard drive, but must clear out my Dropbox every so often due to its limited storage space). Upon request and for additional cost, a disc containing all photos may also be provided.

  • If you take so many pictures, why do I only end up with 30?

I do not provide every photo that is taken during the shoot. Instead, I edit and select the best photos of the day, leaving out duplicates, blinks, blurry photos, or awkward angles. I feel it's better this way, and I still tend to err on the side of giving people a few more photos than they need. :)

  • Am I allowed to post my photos on social media or use them for publicity?

Basically, your photos are your property once they are delivered, but I request credit if they are used in a public manner. Photos may not be edited without specific permission and photos posted online should be captioned or linked to this website ( Please also contact me if you would like to use photos in a newspaper or magazine (mostly because I would love to see it, but also so I can receive credit for my work).

  • Why can't I have more than one person in a "Mini" photoshoot?

Engagement and family photos start at the "Basic" package. I feel that such an important event cannot be adequately captured without time to adjust and become comfortable, especially with multiple people and extra coordination involved! Most of the time, the real magic doesn't start until a little ways into the shoot, and I wouldn't want to miss out on that time because we end too early!

*Multiple individuals wishing to share a session of mostly individual pictures should contact me for adjusted rates.

  • Can I print my photos? Could you print them for me?

I would love to print your photos for you, but I unfortunately do not offer that service at this time. You will receive a digital copy of all of your photos, and after that they are your property and you may print them as you like. I would recommend looking into drugstore printing comparison to make sure you won't get prints that affect the coloring of your photos in a poor way.

  • Can I bring my mom/friend/boyfriend/dog to the photoshoot?

As long you don't bring ALL 12 of your siblings, I don't mind who is with you - in fact, I love when there's someone there that can help make you laugh and relax! They can also hold all your extra stuff, which is very helpful. ;)

Any other questions? Contact me!