Sasha | Waco Senior Photography

This shoot was very special to me because Sasha is my future sister-in-law! But we are basically just sisters. :) I love her so much, and am so proud to see her graduate this year! She has a great future ahead that I could brag about all day (dental school, hello!). She's also such a sunbeam of a person, and I think you'll be able to tell that through these photos:

Salem, oboe and voice | Waco Portrait Photographer

Hi everyone, I'm back! I can't promise to post consistently because I almost never do, but warmer weather is approaching (I hope), so I want to have a series of posts over the next few weeks that highlight a few of my shoots over the past year. First up is Salem, who I knew from my time at Baylor. She gave her senior recital this year, and in addition to playing oboe, also sings! Here are some of her shots from the pretty January afternoon we spent together!

France | Travel Photography

It's been a second since I posted on this blog, so why not do something a little different? Here are some photos from a recent, amazing trip to France! We were mainly in Paris, but took two day trips to Giverny and Chartres. Hope you enjoy!

Katie | Waco Senior Photography

Katie and I got together just a few days before graduation for this shoot. She graduated from the school of business and was lovely to work with! The only time we could find was midday, which is usually not the preferred time of day for photos because the sun can be harsh, but we found some good spots regardless and I'm really happy with the way they turned out!

Ashley, flute & Regan, trumpet | Waco Senior Photography

Ashley is one of my favorite people - my little sister in our music fraternity, fellow flutist, and shares in my shopping and beauty addictions. Regan is a seriously awesome trumpet player and a super nice and funny guy. They are adorable and have a puppy named Charlie who I am obsessed with (see pic below)! I loved taking their photos and wish we could have kept doing it for another hour or two; they're both so stylish!

Alexa | Waco Senior Photography

Alexa and I got rained out twice (!) for a shoot before we finally got together. It was worth the wait, because the day was gorgeous and we got really nice dusk-y light. Alexa is a percussionist and band director, and she and her husband are hands down the best people to go on a double date with (I know this from experience). I hope to one day be able to pull off a red lip as effortlessly as she does!

Hannah, french horn & conducting | Waco Senior Photography

Hannah is a wonderful, wonderful person, and a great friend. I was so excited to take some photos of her; she has such a bright and positive energy! Hannah currently has a band director position in the Dallas area, and I know the students there are beyond lucky to have her! (She also is completely rad at the horn, just sayin')

I like how colorful and golden these photos came out! [Tip: Hannah's outfit choices were completely spot on and work so well to make her pop but not distract from her face or clash with backgrounds.] 

Jim | Waco Senior Photography

I really enjoyed this shoot because we got very creative with new locations and shots, like climbing on the roof of Dichotomy to find a wall mural, and carefully watching traffic (we were safe!) to get some shots down Austin Avenue. Jim wanted a more Waco-focused shoot rather than all Baylor everything, which gave us room to try lots of new things!

Tammy, trumpet | Waco Headshot Photography

Tammy just graduated with her Masters from Baylor and so we did some graduation pictures and trumpet headshots. As you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous and I love all the colors in these photos. Tammy and I will both be at the same summer music festival in a few weeks and I'm excited to spend more time with her there!

Brianna, tuba & conducting | Waco Headshot Photography

Bri and I did some more senior-y photos in the fall, so this time she wanted a bit more of a professional look, especially since she has started her Masters at Baylor in conducting and tuba performance! Bri is so naturally gorgeous, and I am always so impressed with how effortlessly she is able to pose with her tuba! That takes skill, y'all.

Sarah | Waco Senior Photography

Sarah and I almost got rained out for this shoot, and the sky looked pretty ominous the entire time, but it ended up working out so well and I am in love with these photos. Sarah is a super cool human and is going out into the world of band directing in the upcoming year. We explored multiple wall murals in Waco and the courthouse. Congrats Sarah!

Koda, kitty | Pet photography

I was so excited when Meredith contacted me for some cute pictures of her cat, Koda. He is....adorable. This was so much fun and I would so be down to do it again, now that I have a dog and a cat shoot under my belt. Do any animal shelters need a photographer? It warms my heart seeing these and I hope you get some warm fuzzies out of them, too.

Marissa, clarinet & Miss Mesquite! | Waco Headshot Photography

I just met Marissa this year, and she is honestly just such a cool person to talk to! I remember when I first found out that she competed in pageants and thought it was so intriguing, and then after hanging out on this day I am so excited to follow her progress this summer competing in Miss Texas! Marissa also plays the clarinet very well (she is a Masters student at Baylor) and showcases her musical side in the pageants. These photos are primarily for use in the Miss Texas program book (how cool!). Good luck Marissa!!!

Jill, flute | Waco Headshot Photography

Jill is one of my really good friends and I'm so glad we've gotten to grow close during her time at Baylor. She wanted nothing more from this shoot than to be a "Sassy Flute Fairy", and I think we accomplished that! Her dress is just stunning, and that combined with beautiful scenery and light made for such a dreamy look. She also just received her Masters degree and I'm sure will do big things in the future! <3

Ricky, all the instruments | Waco Headshot Photography

Ricky is what we like to call a "multiple woodwind specialist", which basically means he plays 5+ instruments and puts us all to shame. He rocks on saxophone in jazz band, plays oboe and English horn in the Baylor Wind Ensemble, and then has also been taking clarinet, flute, and bassoon lessons. He's pretty awesome. We had a fun time figuring out how to get most of his instruments in a shot together, and then some individual head shots on each separately. 

Stacy, Courtney, & Dani | Waco Senior Photography

It was such a joy to photograph these three! I know Stacy because she was the first roommate of my current roommate (Brittany), and Courtney and Dani are her current roommates! Phew, lots of roommates in that last sentence. They all just graduated together and got a shoot done at the same time with some adorable group shots as well. There were a lot to choose from, so this is just a small sampling of the many shots we got that day. Congratulations to all of you!

Mia | Waco Senior Photography

Mia is one of the most talented people I've met - she's an amazing violinist! She's also incredibly sweet and gorgeous. We had good luck with wildflower season and her skirt matched perfectly! I also love string instruments in general; they're so beautiful and elegant. Mia is graduating from Baylor next month. Congrats!

I took pictures of a dog!

This was possibly the most adorable photoshoot I've done to date. Casey is a friend of mine from Baylor and has the most precious pomeranian named Angel. She wanted some pics of him (because obviously a picture of this heartthrob would make anyone's day), and I had so much fun hanging out for a little bit with them both. Enjoy!